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Injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault? Need cash before your case settles?Budget Car Accident Loans can get you cash as soon as the same day you apply for funding. Apply today for a free case evaluation and funding offer.

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Funding Program

Many companies that provide auto accident loans avoid giving out too much information about their process or rates before your case is approved.

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    Budget Car Accident Loans Funding Program

    Budget Car Accident Loans offers 100% transparency in our process and terms – even before you submit an application. See below for everything you need to know about funding from Budget Car Accident Loans. We’re always happy to answer any other questions over the phone or via email.

    Same-Day Funding

    Budget Car Accident Loans frequently approves cases and sends funds the same day. . Click here to learn more about our rates and terms.

    Low, Simple Rates

    .Our low, simple rates save auto accident victims hundreds of thousands of dollars over competitors. . Click here to learn more about our rates and terms.

    No-Risk (No-Win/No-Pay)

    All car accident loans from Budget are non-recourse or no-win/no-pay. That means you only repay funds if your case settles in your favor.

    Direct Funding

    Budget Car Accident Loans is a direct capital source. Direct funding means no broker or origination fees, lower rates, and faster turnaround.

    Free Case Evaluations

    Budget Car Accident Loans never charges upfront fees. Our friendly representatives will contact your law office and evaluate your case for free and with no obligation.

    Easier Document Requests

    We make you and your attorney’s life easier with simple document and information requests. In many cases, we can evaluate your case with five minutes of your attorney’s time over the phone.

    Lawsuit loan companies like Budget Car Accident Loans offer significant advantages for pending settlements, including friendly funding specialists who clearly explain the lending process, including fees, time frames, a car accident settlement loan, and interest rates. One of the most significant benefits of car accident cash advances is that they are non-recourse. Non-recourse (or no-win/no-pay) means that plaintiffs are only responsible for repaying the advance if their case is successful. While most companies provide no-win/no-pay legal funding, Budget Car Accident Loans is one of the few that provides low, simple rates, fast turnaround, no upfront fees, and friendly and professional staff.

    We vet every car accident claim we fund and truly believe they will be successful. Because we only fund strong auto accident claims, we can often offer much lower rates than our competitors. In addition to keeping the interest rate low, we use simple interest rates. This means we only calculate interest on the original loan. This makes repaying the loan more manageable and less daunting in the long run. Not only are we able to keep interest rates on the lawsuit loan low, but once we start the process, you can have your funds in less than 24 hours if it goes smoothly. When working with Budget Car Accident Loans, you’ll always be greeted with professional and friendly staff. We’re here to assist you with any and all questions to make sure you understand the process.

    How the Pre-Settlement Funding Process Works

    Apply Online or Call

    Apply online or call us today at (866) 955-2722. We will pre-qualify your case and get in touch with your law office.

    We Review Your Case

    We review your case with the help of your law office. Once approved, we send you a contract.

    You Get Funds

    Once you and your attorney review and sign our contract, we send you funds the same day. No bank account required.

    Pre-settlement funding provides advance cash to cover the costs of lawsuit funding. Most settlement loans and advance funding will offer up to 20% of the projected settlement upfront, with the opportunity to receive up to 50% funding towards the settlement. Many plaintiffs also apply for pre-settlement funding to help pay the cost of living following an accident. The process of applying for a car accident loan is relatively easy, to determine if you qualify for a pre-settlement loan:

    Lawsuit loan companies offer a hassle-free and paperless application process that’s straightforward.

    You can speak with a friendly legal representative to determine how much you can apply for based on your financial situation, credit check, and details of the lawsuit.

    Upon approval, cash is typically sent quickly to your bank account by:

    • Direct deposit
    • Western Union
    • Money Gram
    • Any other quick, convenient options

    Can I Really Get Loans in 24 Hours or Less?

    Yes, we can! In most cases, we can provide you with an accident loan in 24 hours or less. For us to be able to do this, we’ll need the full cooperation of your attorney.The longest part of the process is getting everything we need from your attorney’s office. Once Budge car accident loans has everything from your attorney’s office, the process will be quick and easy.We’ll prepare a contract for you and your attorney to review. Once you’ve agreed to sign the contract, we can send the loan to you the same day. Plus, our fast process is 100% paperless, which attorneys love! If your attorney cannot send the necessary information in 24 hours or you both don’t sign the prepared contract, this can delay you getting your funds.

    Brokers vs. Direct Car Accident Loan Companies

    One of the most important decisions you’ll make when deciding how to apply for a car accident loan is whether to go with a broker or choose direct funding. When you apply for a pre-settlement loan through a broker, there are additional fees associated with this process, which are added to the loan amount and subject to interest. In the end, you’ll pay a higher amount than direct funding.

    This loan is the best option if you can find direct funding options, as you’ll have lower rates and fees with less processing. Plus, we will share case information with fewer parties. Since Budget Car Accident Loans is a direct funding company, we won’t share it with unnecessary parties.

    Essentially, direct funding is easier, faster, and less expensive.

    Am I Eligible for a Car Accident Lawsuit Loan?

    While some states have regulatory requirements that make pre-settlement funding difficult, plaintiffs residing in most states in the United States can qualify for a lawsuit loan. If you have a car accident claim against an insurance company, you’ll likely be approved for a loan if you’re over 18 and have an attorney. The most important aspects of qualifying for lawsuit funding include the quality of your claim, how long your lawyer has been working on the case, and their cooperation in the process. It’s important to review all the requirements for applying for lawsuit settlement funding, as some cases do not qualify. Some lawsuit loan companies only offer funding or cash advances for specific legal claims, including car accidents or similar claims. It’s essential to inquire when you call and speak with a friendly specialist who can take you through the process step-by-step and explain how it works.

    How Much Do Car Accident Loans Cost?

    Car accident loans can be expensive, though you’ll find a wide variance in the interest rates offered. On average, pre-settlement loans have interest rates that range between 25% and 60% annually.If you’re paying at the higher end of this scale, you can expect to spend one and a half times the amount borrowed, which can be challenging to manage if you have a loss of income or a lower settlement than expected.Before deciding which legal funding method to use, it’s essential to research different interest rates and how lawsuit loan companies charge interest, whether it’s simple or compounding interest, and the terms of the agreement. It’s crucial to assess which pre-settlement loans are best, as the more expensive they are, the more you’ll pay out of your settlement.

    Beware of Extra Costs, High-Interest Rates, and Hidden Fees

    There are some hidden fees that some lawsuit settlement companies charge, which can significantly inflate the cost of your loan, including:

    • Hefty upfront fees
    • A compound interest that results in higher prices
    • Other expenses that are not disclosed in the contract

    Some legal funding companies do not provide complete transparency, leading to thousands in extra fees later. When you compare the cost of legal funding, you’ll see a significant variance between companies. At Budget, we offer some of the lowest rates, between 15% and 20% simple interest every six months. When you call our friendly funding specialists today, you’ll receive an estimate without hefty fees that contribute to higher monthly payments.

    Free Funding Evaluation

    One of the benefits of working with Budget Car Accident Loans is our free funding evaluation. We conduct a free funding evaluation at no cost to you, the plaintiff. Our goal in conducting this evaluation is to determine how much funding we can provide. When you call us toll-free, we’ll go over things to help us make this determination like:

    • Your case value
    • How likely you can settle out of court
    • What to expect from us

    After discussing these factors with you, we can give you an idea of how much money you can expect from us.

    Finding a Trustworthy, Reputable Car Accident Settlement Loan Company

    When you compare car accident loan companies, it may be challenging to find one that stands out as transparent and trustworthy. Even when a company is quick to approve your loan, you may not receive the most precise and concise information you need to make an informed decision.  Furthermore, some loan agreements are vague or may not clearly explain the terms, how interest is calculated, and hidden fees. 

    Budget Car Accident Loans aims to be one of the industry’s most transparent and reputable legal funding companies. We understand that finding a trustworthy firm with reasonable interest rates is not easy when you need to borrow money for your legal claim.

    What Part Does My Attorney Play in the Settlement Loan Process?

    When you apply for a lawsuit loan with Budget Car Accident Loans, your attorney is the company’s primary point of contact. The first step is to call us toll-free to inquire about pre-settlement car accident loans, then begin the application process. We follow up with a call to your attorney requesting all the required documentation and details about your case. Your lawyer’s firm will provide all the information needed to collect on the case, including:

    • Damages
    • Liability
    • The insurance companies involved in the lawsuit

    The amount of details required depends on the case and what’s involved. Small claims that are likely to settle out of court may only require basic information. In contrast, more significant claims involving companies or multiple parties with the potential for a substantial settlement can take longer and need lots of information, including updates and reports, if the case goes to court. The attorney involved in the case signs the contract with you once the lawsuit funding is approved. From that point forward, we contact your law firm directly with requests and further updates as needed.

    Can I Get Pre-Settlement Funding With Bad Credit?

    You may qualify for pre-settlement funding in most cases, even if you have a poor credit rating. The case is the focus of the evaluation, which determines whether you’re eligible to receive legal funding. The stronger your case, the better chances you have for a car accident loan. We’ll never run your credit or check your employment history when we conduct our free funding evaluation. These aren’t factors for us in determining whether you get a lawsuit loan or the amount. We use factors such as the merit of your case and the outcome potential to determine the amount of your auto accident loan.

    Since we get repaid from the proceeds of the case, these aren’t important factors for us to consider when giving you a car accident loan. Once the case is settled, the plaintiff never repays us directly, and we won’t be collecting from them even if the case is unsuccessful.

    Benefits and Costs of Lawsuit Settlement Loans

    Lawsuit settlement loans are expensive, even if you qualify for a relatively low-interest rate, though they can be accommodating when you need the funding. The high cost of these loans is because there is a risk of loss for the loan funding company if the case is unsuccessful in court. While some car accident settlement loan companies charge over 500% annually, Budget charges between 30% and 40%. Car accident cases may take a long time to settle, especially if they go to court. car accident loans can provide the funds you need to cover living costs.

    While the price of an auto accident cash advance is typically higher than other types of loans or cash advances, it can be a significant relief in situations where a case goes to court, and there’s no definite time frame immediately available.

    Advantages of Lawsuit Cash Advances

    There are significant benefits to applying for pre-settlement funding if you have no other financial options or assistance available:

    • Pre-settlement funding gives you enough money to cover living expenses, so you can focus on the case and manage your mortgage or rent, medical expenses, food, and transportation, without worrying about how to pay your monthly payments.
    • Lawsuit funding supports you while giving your attorney more time to work on your case and negotiate a fair settlement. While delaying or prolonging the issue isn’t always beneficial, it can be ideal when negotiating a better settlement is possible, which is worthwhile.
    • Finally, you can focus on treatment, self-care, and personal needs while your lawyer handles the case.

    Is it Better to Choose a Local Pre-settlement Funding Company?

    It may seem beneficial to consult with a local car accident loan company, primarily if a friend or family member refers them to you. However, some do not have the resources or means to offer a competitive interest rate and reasonable terms on your contract. It’s best to compare different companies to determine which firms provide the preferred rates.

    Local companies may be limited in offering a reasonable interest rate because they are located in one state and have limited access to the market. 

    Budget is a nationwide lawsuit loan company that can provide more competitive rates that are relatively affordable compared to companies that include extra charges and hidden fees.

    Do I Need a Lawyer to Qualify for Car Accident Settlement Loans?

    In most cases, you’ll need to hire a lawyer to apply for lawsuit funding, as they are responsible for repaying the total amount to the loan company. At the very least, you should have an attorney hired on a contingency basis before proceeding with a car accident cash advance application.While your attorney handles all the case details, including documentation and information between the insurance company, the funding company, and other relevant parties, you can inquire about updates and ask questions anytime.

    What Types of Cases Does Budget Car Accident Loans Fund?

    Budget Car Accident Loans focuses on car accident claims of all types:

    Any Car or Roadway Accident

    Injured in an accident on or around a roadway that wasn’t your fault? We can help.

    Commercial Vehicle Accidents

    Commercial vehicle accidents involve large insurance policies. We specialize in funding commercial vehicle accidents of all types.

    Any Car or Roadway Accident

    Government vehicles are typically self-insured. In some cases, that means there is no practical limit to your recovery.

    Uber Accidents

    Uber drivers usually carry $1 million dollar bodily injury policies. We specialize in Uber accident funding.

    Lyft Accidents

    Lyft drivers usually carry $1 million dollar bodily injury insurance policies. We specialize in Lyft accident funding.

    Semi-Truck Accidents

    Semi-truck accidents often involve serious injury and insurance policies in excess of $1 million.

    Bicycle Accidents

    Injured in a bicycle accident? We can help you get by financially while you wait for your settlement.

    Pedestrian Accidents

    Injured while crossing the street, in a parking lot or on the sidewalk? Either way, we can help!

    Motorcycle Accidents

    Much like bicycle and pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents can involve serious injury. Our funding can help you get by until your settlement.

    How Much Legal Funding Can I Qualify For?

    The amount of your lawsuit loan depends on the value of your case, including the type of costs involved, related bills, and medical expenses. You can expect to receive the lawsuit settlement funding once all the documents are reviewed and signed, which typically happens quickly within a day. You can expect to receive up to 25% of the value of your pre-settlement auto accident claim. For settled claims, we can advance up to 50% of your portion of the auto accident settlement.There is no real maximum amount that a car accident lawsuit loan company like Budget can offer. The main limitation is the strength of your legal claim and how much insurance coverage is available.

    Are Auto Accident Loans Considered a Loan?

    Pre-settlement car accident loans are not considered loans in most states. This is because car accident loans are non-recourse (no-win / no-pay), which means you don’t pay back anything if you lose the case.

    Due to this arrangement, many states don’t consider a car accident cash advance to be a traditional loan. Instead, they are considered investment or “purchase” of interest in your auto accident settlement.

    What Can I Use a Car Accident Loan For?

    These cash advances typically aim to cover costs that are unrelated to the case:

    Living expenses

    Plaintiffs often use our car accident lawsuit loans for living expenses such as rent and groceries.

    Medical expenses

    Some providers provide service to personal injury plaintiffs “on lien”, if they don’t, we can help!o.


    If your injured and out of work, we can help pay for utility bills until you get back on your feet.

    Past-due bills and debts

    If you have creditors breathing down your neck or are paying extremely high interest rates on credit cards we may be able to help.

    Large purchases that can’t wait

    Life doesn’t stop just because you were injured. Need a vehicle to get to your medical procedures? We may be able to help.

    Any other expense not directly tied to your case

    The only real restriction on your use of the funding is that you can’t use funding for legal expenses.

    How Auto Accident Loans Can Strengthen Your Personal Injury Claim

    Like other personal injury claims, car accident lawsuits can take time. From the plaintiff potentially needing to complete a treatment program through their insurance before an attorney can create demands to being out of work and not earning an income through the process, these factors make these claims frustrating. If you’re in the process of filing a personal injury claim, an auto accident loan can help take some of the pressure off you while the personal injury claim gets sorted out. These lawsuits loans help the plaintiff financially while they may be out of work, paying attorney fees, medical bills, and anything in between. Not only can car accident loans be beneficial for plaintiffs, but but they can also help their attorneys. These loans give the accident attorneys the time they need to reach a fair settlement. If they don’t have enough time, some will end up accepting a lower offer than what the plaintiff deserves or wants.

    Alternatives to Lawsuit Loans

    Before applying for a car accident loan always review other options for relieving financial pressures. Here are some great options to consider:

    • You can borrow money from family and friends to help with legal expenses until the case settles.
    • In cases where you expect to spend a considerable amount of money during a case, you may have the option of reducing your costs by moving in with family or friends. This option is especially worth considering if you pay high rent and utilities and would have an easier time affording the cost of living in a less costly situation.
    • Some government disability programs offer funding assistance to individuals who qualify. This is especially worth looking into for an injured party or plaintiffs who suffered from auto accidents, medical malpractice, and other incidents resulting in injury.
    • Some states allow you to receive funds from your lawyer, which may help with the litigation process.
    • You may want to consider a reverse mortgage, withdraw funds from savings, or liquidate an asset if you expect to pay a significant amount in a larger settlement or expect high legal fees.
    • If you have retirement savings or investments, you may find these resources helpful in funding your expenses during the case. If you’re concerned about extra fees or penalties when taking out funds, contact your bank or an investment broker to inquire beforehand.

    Government Assistance Programs

    Suppose you receive government assistance through the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), Section 8 (Housing Choice Voucher Program), or SSI (Supplemental Security Income) programs. In that case, you may qualify for funding to cover the costs of:

    • Groceries
    • Rent
    • Clothing
    • Personal care products
    • Transportation
    • Other day-to-day expenses

    While some programs may provide short-term solutions, you may find assistance available for a longer-term, or at least until you meet the eligibility requirements for additional support.

    Are Auto Accident Loans Considered a Loan?

    It’s essential to plan, even when no lawsuit occurs or legal action ceases, and no further funding is needed. You can prepare by using a budgeting app, developing a savings plan, and researching the type of funding you’ll need if there’s a future case that requires lawsuit settlement funding.  Suppose you suspect there may be an upcoming claim in your future. In that case, it’s best to plan ahead financially, so you can maximize the amount of savings you have in the event your income or cost of living expenses become challenging to manage. Nerdwallet is a great tool that helps you manage all your budgeting needs, including:

    • Daily banking
    • Credit card payments
    • Personal and student loans
    • Mortgage or rent payments
    • Investing
    • Travel

    Car Accident Loan FAQs

    How much do car accident loans cost?

    Most companies who provide this service charge high, compounding rates. We exclusively charge simple, non-compounding rates as low as 2.5% monthly.

    How much funding can I get on my car accident claim?

    We offer advances from $500 to $100k+.

    How long does it take to get a car accident loan?

    With your attorneys help, we can provide funding as soon as the same day you apply.

    What are the qualifications for a lawsuit loan on my car accident case?

    • The basic qualifications are as follow:
    • You were injured in an accident that was not your fault
    • The person who was at fault for the accident has insurance
    • You have hired an attorney to represent you on a contingency basis


    Car accident settlement loans from Budget help plaintiffs get by financially before their case settles. Our pre-settlement funding offers injured plaintiffs financial stability if they find themselves out of work due to their accident.
    Personal injury lawsuits can take a long time to resolve. Budget Car Accident Loans can give you cash upfront so that you have the financial stability to finish medical treatment and give your attorney the time they need to settle your case.
    Lawsuit funding loans can play a vital role in the success of your case, whether you’re working with an attorney for the best out-of-court settlement, negotiating a fair amount, or preparing for an issue that’s expected to go to court.

    We’ll provide all the details you need, so you can take the time you need to assess your claim, the types of funding options available, and finances. Contact Budget Car Accident Loans to discuss your claim with our friendly funding specialists today.